My special story


My life has had many ups and downs.  It's been a beautiful journey so far and although challenging, worth every learning experience.    Having a tough childhood led me to want to understand  Psychology and Healing more deeply. However, it wasn't until I found the Barbara Brennan School of Healing that I was able to recognize the deeper wounds that kept me in my vicious cycles in my life.  With the continual support of the school & its teachers, the deeper wounds began to heal and I came to recognize more easily the dark terrain and get myself back on track. I was awakening to the truth of who I am.


The Barbara Brennan School of Healing helped set me on my path in life as a healer.  I've since come to appreciate and study many different healing modalities at various schools and can attest to the affect they have had on my life.  


Becoming a Healer/Holistic Practitioner is more about a way of life.  It has also become a career, a passion, a joy and tremendous fun as well.  I will always be a student of the healing arts and sciences and consider my self a healing arts enthusiast. 


My healer ship is about me being in touch with myself, my longings and being in alignment with the Divine & embodiment of the Divine. It's about the way I live my life with openness, compassion, joy &  fearlessness.   It's about me trusting my unique Divine path and opening the channel for all my gifts and the Divine to flow through me so that I can be a clear channel for my clients.  


Current Experiences:

  • Barbara Brennan School of Healing- Teacher (2016 -present)

  • Divine Matrix Healings- Healer/Owner (2006-present)

  • Massage Therapist (2009-2016)


Past Education:


  •  1999 - University of North Florida  -   B.A in  Psychology, minor  Business  

  •  2006 - Barbara Brennan School of Healing - Brennan Healing  Science  Practitioner &  Energy Healer (4year Program)

  •  2009 - Educating Hands-Licensed Massage-Therapist, LMT, Lic #  MA58203

  •  2015 - Barbara Brennan School of Healing Advanced Studies  Program (2 Year Program) Brennan Integrated  Practitioner (BIP)

  •  2015 - The Constellation Approach Family with Jamy & Peter  Faust - Family  Constellation Facilitator & Practitioner (3-  year program).

  •  2015 - Upledger Institute - CranioSacral Therapy I

  •  2016 - The Barbara Brennan School of Healing-  Teacher Training (1 year ) -current BBSH faculty


Currently Attending 


  • Continuum Movement-Somatic TeacherTraining Program-estimated (2018)

  • Focusing Institute (ongoing) Focusing Trainer and Partner

  • Nova South Eastern University- (ongoingMasters in Mental Health Counseling


 Other  Certifications & Trainings:


  • 2014 - Body Talk Access Practitioner 

  • 2014 - Emotional Freedom Technique

  • 2016-  Hands of Light Workshop Leader 




What is Healing


A person can feel helpless when continually encouraged to look to an authority figure for the secret of recovery. Therefore,  it's imperative that the client understand that it is their own healing intelligence that is being summoned and that the client is the healer of their session, their body, and their life. The facilitator (sometimes referred to as a healer)  helps the client remember their true state and awaken them to their ability to heal themselves.  Empowering the client to look inward and awaken to this bio-intelligence is a vital part of all of my healing sessions.


There are many different healing paradigms and healing modalities available.  You should seek what you are drawn to and let your heart and intuition guide you through your healing process. You may find you resonate with one modality over the others.  Go to my services page to find out more about each healing modality.


Clients come for healing for numerous reasons.  Some come for healing on the physical, emotional mental & spiritual levels.  Some come to look at their life, to feel supported, listened to, and challenged to create the life they want.  There are unlimited reasons why someone might choose a healer and holistic practitioner to support them on their life path.


Clients come for all reasons,

Some issues  or presenting complaints may be :

  • Physical problems

    • stress, body aches, pains

    • illness/disease

    • traumas

  • Relationship issues with

    • parents, siblings, wife/husband, children

  • Emotional issues

    • stress

    • understanding patterns and feelings

    • opening/venting  emotions

    • to get the life they want

    • to break negative life patterns and vicious cycles

  • Mental

    • looking at belief systems

    • understanding negative patterns in life 

  • Spiritual

    • to feel connected to the Divine

    • to feel/express their essence


I utilize many different healing modalities in my Holistic Healing practice.  Go to my services Page for more information. 


To find a lengthy explanation about each modality you can go to the FAQ's page.