• Brennan Healing Science (Energy Healings)

  • Brennan Integration Works (BIP sessions/Healings)

  • Family Constellation Sessions

  • CranioSacral Balancing

  • Continuum Movement

  • Gemstone Practitioner

 Healing add ons: (currently no additional charge)

  • Gemstone Healing - Gemisphere and Gemstones

  • Flower Essences - Bach Remedies

  • Essential Oils -Do Terra & Young Living

  • Bio Mat treatment

Brennan Healing Science Energy Healing



 $100.00 for 55 minutes.

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Healing can be done in person or long distance.


BHS Session: In person, you will lay down fully clothed on a massage table, relax and receive the energy work.


In addition, I may use Gemisphere gemstones, flower essences, essential oils, noble gas devices & the Bio-Mat, during your healing treatment.


During a long distance healing, you will lay down in a quiet relaxing place in your home while you receive energy work long distance.


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Brennan Integration Work
(BIP Session)



$100.00 for 55 minutes

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Brennan Integration Work (BIW) is done by a Brennan Integrated Practitioner (BIP). They are healing sessions that are done in person, over the phone or via Skype.  


BIW/BIP Session: During the session, the client will talk about their presenting complaints & I will work with the client's body awareness, emotions, belief systems and energy field bringing them into a deeper consciousness of the patterns & defenses they hold while simultaneously holding the healing energy for the client.  This affects changes in the client allowing them to uncover their defenses & learn new ways of being and feeling more whole.



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$100.00- 55 min CranioSacral 

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I am a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist lic# MA58203. and am qualified to offer in-person  CranioSacral Balancing.


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Family Constellation Work



$100.00 for 55 minutes


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Constellation sessions are a healing session that is done in person, over the phone or via Skype.


You set up your wooden figurines to represent your family issues or presenting complaint and then we work with your family and ancestorial energy field to facilitate healing.  


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